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One Special Movie.

Barsaat is one of the must different movie that Raj Kapoor Directed, even different then his other movie that he directed. The Music is so classic and all the songs get to be big hits. The movie also gets Award as the Greatest Bollywood Soundtracks and lading to the First Place. The best work of Shankar-Jaikishan, Hasrat Jaipuri, Shailendra, Ramesh Shastri & Jalal Mahilabadi and Lata Mangeshkar with her amazing voice.

Raj kapoor add to this movie many emotions.
Two friend, that go to vacations on they car. Two friend but so different from each others. Pran (Raj kapoor) fell in love with a poor girl that not learns noting about the life. Pran woes love her so when she woes in his arm he woes Cry and answer in Different way….:

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“There no life without laughter and Tears. These Joys and sorrows for the design of love. Without tears real love doesn’t exist.
Smiling Flowers, Crying dew drops the combination of beauty and love. Is beautiful that happened when you in love. That is why love is measured not in terms of time but in terms of longing.”

What make Raj Kapoor Say same thing like that?
And why after She missing and He think she diet. His friend takes him for a woman. He doesn’t like it but he touches the woman feet why?

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Human Values
Like Ritu Nanda write in her books Raj kapoor Woes Maybe young on 23 years old but in his eyes that he sees already every thing and Know many things that people like us don’t learn in 23 Years old.
The movie Barsaat make with many Emotions of Love.

About the part that Raj kapoor answer to Nargis after she see him cry. It the true about the life. Every one cry or laugh in his life we always have bad moments in our life and also bad.
True Love wily can’t exist with out tears. If you well look around you see many people that Cry when they in love. In English movie when man tell a woman that he love her and she don’t know this she smile but with tears in the eyes. When same one asks a woman to marry him she smile and have tears in the same time. When the man go and leave the woman back in home and go to army they cry and smile and when he be back and they hug they again and cry again this time from happiness. This in are life in the same screen Raj Kapoor not cry because she sing her song. Like he say Love don’t have time it just happened like that. Before Raj Kapoor Cry he smile to Nargis in the beginning and then a minute latter he get sad Same time the tears comes with out you know this. This what happened when you love.
Even it happened to me when I hear same song that I wily love and it sound so nice to my hears I don’t know how because I start to cry then. I even don’t know why but this is the real way of love.
Woman Honors.

Like I Know Raj Kapoor always give honors to Woman. He says the woman is the person that bring us to life and give us life with out we woes can’t keep our generation.
Human Values.

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The friend takes him to same woman that seal love. He don’t like at and don’t won't to go in and even touch her. Then he hear a baby cry the woman go to the room and take the kids in her Hand he ask her about his father and she say that he don’t know that he have a child. He sees how much the kid sick and leave to her same money and touch her like and leave.

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Raj kapoor try to show the way of the woman that seal they love for the sick of They kids The touching Legs Mean:
Like I Say before Raj Kapoor woes give honor to the woman. That she woes seal her lover for her sick kids. Because this Raj kapoor Touch her Legs. In India you give people honor by touching they legs. After he understands why she does at he gives her honor.

Then when He Back to his friend He tells him that she a mother and his friend ask why? He answer “Not a woman love she going to sold but a mother love. You don’t understand you are modern thinking”

This Also the true about our life and same of them stile exist. Same woman work for they family in this way.
This true what Raj say to the his friend same People know about that and same people know that this exist but they close they eyes.

This movie have a lot Human Values many emotions Even the Songs about the true about the life in our life and the music give at moor design of Love and emotions.

This movie is not a film maker It emotions it human Values.
That why no one can Remake this movie and even can get to the way of Raj kapoor Making movies.

Making Films is something else. Being human is something else.
When you mix it that Our Raj Kapoor.


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