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Chori Chori RPG

RajKapoorfan and haleoyal members from Raj Kapoor Fanclub Play in the next RPG

Saagar: good morning pretty lady
Keemo: good morning mister gentleman
Saagar: Ok be ready we have to leave. Hi we don't have time to think. woman you always need to wait to them that they be ready
Keemo: you must wait me...I'll be ready quickly
Saagar: Quickly that quickly you already 15 minutes there. bhari musibat
Keemo:shut up!...I try to put in order my sarii...
Saagar: why I should be here with this girl ....Sarii?! can you wearing a bans and t - shirt. It be moor fast to wearing
Keemo: hı, too I don't want to be with you
Saagar: I know but I Already stake with you
Keemo: no..I want to take sarii...wait..
Saagar: ok I wait (Take a cigarette and light at)
Keemo: you are jungle man you know?
Saagar: (take the cigarette out from his mouth) wily? and you what? A rich woman
Keemo: and you?...A poor journalist...Why you say this? (At the same time She is in trouble with her sarii)
Saagar: you coming or I going to leave you here
Keemo: Wait...Wait...I'm ready and I'm here..just for you
Saagar: We don't have time the bus be here any minute
Keemo: where is the bus?...
Saagar: the bus not going in the house late go (he take her begs and go)
Keemo: Don't push me....... jungle man
Saagar: hurry up pretty lady
Keemo: wait please...Don't leave me here alone
Saagar: (He wait and look back) If you not won't to leave here so give me your hand (He reach out his hand to her)
Keemo:'m mistaken..You are not jungle man you are a gentleman..wait
Saagar: ok. let's go... (she give him the hand and they look on they each other) ummm....
Keemo:Yes yes let's you are happy?
Saagar: (He look on her and do a face like (VERY FUNNY) And take her out)
Keemo: look the bus come...
Saagar: stop stop. hi. hi stop. no wait...wait
Keemo: stop ...hi...stop why this bus go so quickly..hi
Saagar: no wait (the bus go)
Keemo: ha.. you .see...what we are doing now gentleman?
Saagar: (he look on her) what we doing now?! if I Woes can I will be leave you here. but no now we walk.
Keemo:walk? are crazy? Bangalore? can't
Saagar: Why not? Why you don't won't to walk?
Keemo: I'm really tired..Stop please...Don't have you another solution...?
Saagar: Tried that it you tired we even not start to walk and you tired.
Keemo: And I'm hungry... get something to eat
Saagar: It only 8:15 in the morning
Keemo: but I don't eat this morning...don't you remember mister?
Saagar: umm... woman... (he open the begs and find same fruit ) here eat that
Keemo: OOO...(she looks to fruits...There are two apples)...we have so much for eat...(She start to laugh)
Saagar: Haha... Next time I give you to eat me
Keemo: mister gentleman...(She angry)....hmmm...I start to be angry, you know?
Saagar: Good maybe then your head hurt and you stop talking to much.
Keemo: (SHE so much angry, she beat his hand) stop to make are cruel..
Saagar: haa... (he look on her) how you call me?
Kemmo: I said that you are cruel
Saagar: (he get her hand) I am cruel
Kemmo: I want to eat something you understand? please find something...
Sagaar: (look on her) Breakfast... here? (take the two apple from her eat one and put the second in the beg.
Kemmo: yes...It's funny?...
Sagaar: no... (He start to walk)
Keemo: ok...I obey you and I eat this one apple but don't forget I will be hungry still ...
Sagaar: (he look back) ok (give her the second apple) Lates go
Kemmo: (She follow the same time she start to eat apple)...Don't walk speedily...
Saagar: (he look back and smile)
Keemo: (she smile too and continue TO FOLLOW him eating apple)

(on the road a bus come)
Saagar: (He go to the bus and stop at) Hi pretty lady you come?
Keemo: ok...I'm coming..take my hand.. (Saagar take her hand and they up to the bus) .
Keemo: oh...finally...we are on the bus...( but she eat still apple)

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