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The movie Bewafa it is after all a Movie with good story and biggest stars. The movie talking about a woman cell Roopa. That woes pain from her drunk grandfather that woes hit her every time she back home with out money.
All the neighborhood laugh about her and ridicule on her. But when the real thing happened every one get quiet and have mercy on Roopa.
Roopa Meet a man name Raj that he also live in the same neighborhood. Raj help her to get money for her drunk grandfather every day with out asking pay back.
Until one day when raj woes not in his home Roopa Grand Father throw her out from the house.

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Roopa woes so sad about her life she don’t like her live and she try to suicide but then she think to her self first try to live your life.
Roope walk away she don’t know where she going but she keep going.

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Then she meet an artist not a big artist but all his draw woes fulling in Felling. When he see Roopa Sleeping next the street Lamp he start drawing her with out stop even for a minute. When Roopa wake up she woes see the artist and scream on him. After that Roopa know that this artist only wont to draw her he wont her to help him to finish the drawing by sit in the same pust. Roopa agree.
The Artist Ashok take Roopa to his studio there the both create many Drawing. Drawing of Pain, sadness, Happiness, Rich, Poor and moor
After all this years all this drawing get to be famous and the both get to be the most rich people.

The love woes built between Ashok and Roopa and the Both decide to Marry soon.
Then Raj back to Roopa Life and Roopa Get in Love With Raj. The Both woes Speend long time together. Ashok Fell same thing not ok abot Raj. He also woes Hit by Roopa Because she woes go out with Raj But he woes also fell same thing not ok about him.
In the End Roopa wind out that Raj woes get into an argument with his frind that ask for him to stole Roope jewelry and Ashok He is the one that love her.
Raj woes Kill by is friend after he don’t bring his to his friend the jewelry of Roopa. When Roopa come back home to Ashok she find him dead after he suicide. After roopa see Ashok die she get crazy and all her drawing that woes set on the walls woes blame her that she kill Ashok. In the end Roopa also die.

The movie Bewafa is a complicated movie. It build by good story and good stars ones of the biggest and the popular stars.but the way that it woes directed make the movie to a confused movie.
Why Raj help her in the beginner and when she get rich he wont to stole from her? Why ashok don’t tell her that he love her and where goes the marriage Idea?
This wily weird.

Confused Movie
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I say the movie 6 time until now and it stile look to me a confused movie. All the charcthers in this movie are so darkness. Ever y characters start from poor or failure. Nargis Character Roopa woes wily same to the audience situation. In the beginner she have a drunk and after he get out from the house she thinking to start his life. Then when she get two mans in her life her character get same to the audience situation. She don’t know who she should choose. The Handsome man that help her with her grandfather or Ashok the man with the good heart that help her to to be successful. Every thing Confused.
Nargis Character get to many conflict in this movie. But one thing wily not sound to me ok.

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Raj Kapoor Character. Raj Always try to hint to Roopa that he is not nice person like she think he is. Like the part with the birds we can know that Raj is a man that live alone and after you see all the movie you can know that why.

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But I also don’t know if her wily love Roopa his character so darkness wily so darkness. In this movie I fell like Raj have two face. But I sure there woes a love in at.

Moor Points that make me nerves about this movie. How long Ashok take for tell to Roopa that he love her. What about the end? Did Roopa wily die in the end?

Same good Point on the movie
I love the story of this movie but I don’t like how the script it woes write it mess every thing up. Raj kapoor Character Kind change from the other character that he play. This show that bad people also have heart even they need to do same thing to they lover. His character change mask many time what make the audience not know if he is the good or the bad one.

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The drawing that woes draw for this movie are amazing I love them all but the most amazing Draw woes the last one of Raj and Roopa and Ashok leave the house with pain in his heart. This draw show the real felling of Ashok that he woes hide all the movie.

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And how we forget the dance part of Raj kapoor we cant forget this funny part so funny but also so curious.
The song that use on this movies also make in the same level that the movie is. The three first song are happy but then they turn to be sad same to the movie. I Just like 3 song from this movie

My point to this movie is 7/10
The true I Woes like to change the end of the movie.


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