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Mehmood Book - who write this Book

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It from Mehmood Book

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I am so angry with the person that Write this book. It sound like he dont know noting about Making movies.

When Raj and Mehmood work on Parvarish Mehmood woes stile name as a new actor. Raj Kapoor woes already poplar. The story also talk moor about Raj Kapoor Character and Raj Also have moor Scene shoot on this movie moor then Mehmood...

The song "Oh Mama" that Raj Kapoor and Mehmood Dancing together is one of the favorite song That I like from this movie.
And if you will see this scene again and again you can find the amazing connect between Raj Kapoor and Mehmood they wily look in this film like a two amazing Brother.

I dont know what the person that write this story say about the part from the movie when Raj Kapoor and Mehmood Play with the sword after all there a script that it write to them what to say in any part and the Director tell them how to play.... who say that they say what they wont?

Second.... when Raj Kapoor work on same movie that he dont directed at. He do what the director tell him to do with out try to get his Idea about the movie. the only thing that Raj Alway say to the director is that He be like that Mukesh will sing his song...

After all I like Mehmood. I think he wily funny Actor and I wily like the way he work with Raj Kapoor in Parvarish, Shriman Satyawadi and in Abdullah.
How people get this book out..... this person need to learn moor about movie maker ... It make me angry....


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