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How Raj Kapoor Make that?

I always wont to know how Raj Kapoor make the effects on his movies. Like we know then there woes no computer. So How he make at?

Same time I will Add more stuff that I find to this topic

Lats start with Awaara.
In the end of the song Ghar Aaya Mera Perdesi Rita(Nargis) and Raju show in the left side of the screen and Jaaga Show in the Right side of the screen. Jaaga Get more and more big from Rita and Raju. And He have a knife in his hand And he threatening on Raju. Raju fold and on the right screen Rita show up when she reach out her hands to catch Raju when he keep folding.

What I think is that this shoot woes make by two slide projector and one Camera. One slide projector woes screened on the right side and the second on left. The two slide projector work in the same time and the Camera Shoot every thing that happened on the screen.

The Both part shoot in the same Room (In the Studio) and in the same situation


yves said...

Yes, indeed, and I wonder whether the vertical line that we can see on the top photo doesn't correspond to the (little hidden) junction!

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