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Dreams seller

Raj Kapoor Say In his Book "Raj Kapoor Speaks"

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After I read at I start to Understand how much it is true and how much Raj woes Know what that will happened in his Movie. there no many movie that you can find Raj have faight or same thing other bad. Maybe just same like:

Awaara, Amber, Chhalia, Dil Hi To Hai, Parvarish, Ashiana, Aah, Main Nashe Men Hoon, Kanhaiya , Do Ustad, Shriman Satyawadi.

Raj Kapoor get many Script. Script that turn to be big Movies But he didn't Directed them, from his differentiation this movie woes not include his dream. the dream that he wont to sale to his viewer.
maybe many people will say that Raj kapoor movies they not a dream they the True the reality. they right he include reality in his movies. the poor, the sadness, there Thief, there poor kids and moor.
But I Will tell you that He woes Sale as a dreams Dreams about Love. Behind all this poor behind all this crime every thing come with love. In life we have lots Of poor people that given up about change they life and not believe that they can get in love and marry because they don't have enough money for buy house, to take care about they kids, send them to school, to buy them clothes. (Shree420)
And then Raj show them that there is away to live if we work together.

from my side this look like a Love dream. Raj Kapoor Give hope to his viewer that they can change.
People say that Life is not Movie but Raj Kapoor Movie will always be the life our life.

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