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Dil Ki Rani

Dil Ki Rani

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Dil Ki Rani is one of the first movies that Raj Kapoor did. The movie woes write by Y.N. Joshi and Directed by Mohan Sinha. In this movie Raj Kapoor Play next to Madhubala it woes the first movie that they work together and it also the first film of Raj Kapoor alone without his Father Prithviraj Kapoor on the cast.

In this movie Raj Kapoor play a singer and a poet name Madhav. Madhav is a big singer and poet that all the country likes his songs. All madhav songs talk about woman that steal his heart no one know who woes this woman that steal the poet heart.
A woman name Raj Kumari Singh (Madhubala) she one of the biggest fun of Madhav she wont to meet the poet. Her father Thakur Sangram Singh (Badri Prasad) he a paper editor his paper business not going so well He decide to find same subject that make many people to read his paper. One they his daughter give an Idea to interview the poet Madhav for his paper.

Raj Kumari Meet the poet and Madhav name her as his heart staler and the both get in love. But Raj kumari father don’t like poet he say that they flirt with many woman’s. When he get know that Raj Kumari love madhav he woes try to do anything that they not meet. He and his helper Munshiji (Munshi Khanjar) try to do anything to ruing they love story.

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First Plan:
After Thakur Sangram Singh and his helper Munshiji find out that Madhav have problem with his tooth munshiji find an Idea what to do. Raj Kumari won’t to make a party and invite Madhav to the party. Her father allow her but not really. He and Munshiji start is plan he go to Madhav house a send him a
sweetened and tell him that Raj Kumari Send them to him. Madhav eat them even he know he have problem with his tooth. His Tooth did get hurt but it not stops him to come to the party. And the plan woes not success.

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Second Plan:
Thakur Sangram Singh Like madhav friend Banke because the same to each other. He won’t him to marry to Raj Kumari before Madhav marry to her. But Banke don’t believe in love. So what will they do?
Thakur Sangram Singh ask from his daughter to write a love latter and tell her that he going to post at in the paper. Raj kumari write the latter and give that to her father. Her father add Banke name to the latter and send it to him.
Banke turn to be fools in love and tell madhav about at. When madhav hear that banke also love Raj Kumari He deiced to make raj kumari hate him for his best friend.
Is it work? She stop hate him?

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Banke decide them the true that he tell madhav that he also in love with raj kumari for testing they love.
And he makes them marry without that her father know. When her father know about that he get angry. But banke make him agree to the wedding after he tell him that he never can do such of thing like this to his best friend.

My Opinion:

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The Movie is so short then other movies. The movie includes many great stars but the movie not going so well. I will enjoy seeing Madhubala and Raj Kapoor and both of them on young age Raj Kapoor woes 32 with his long hair (that not wily look good on him) and madhu only 14. This one of they first movies.
Like I read before in many article and in many books, Many people that know Raj Kapoor even his family say that Raj woes always like to sing. I will enjoy hear him singing in this movie. I wily think that he woes great singer. I even hear that he woes sing in his other young film but the song woes never add to the film LP. But stile it woes so fun to hear him singing. Too bad He has only one song but if you see the movie you find am singing there many times.

I enjoy this movie even it not so well. I use to watch only when I fell bad and wont to laugh.
In the End it a wily Sweet and Funny movie

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to watch the movie online:
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