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Aag Film, conversation from the Forum

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ok first some off screen stuff the begining

The film was ready to go on the floors and Raj was determined to get himself the best studio in town. Famous Studio in Mumbai’s central suburb, Mahalaxmi, had been highly recommended to him. He’d heard that Jaddan Bai was at Famous Studio where her son Akhtar Hussain was shooting Romeo and Juliet, the first production of Nargis Art Concern. Raj rushed to the studio to meet bibiji with the intention of quizzing her about the facilities that Famous offered. But he missed her by minutes. The unit, he was told, had packed up for the day and gone home.

Raj impulsively decided he’d drive on to Marine Drive where Jaddan Bai had her apartment. A quarter of an hour later he was outside her door ringing the bell. Jaddan Bai’s eighteen-year-old daughter Nargis was in the kitchen frying bhajias. Hearing the doorbell peal she rushed to open the door and was so startled by the sight of a blue-eyed, rosy-cheeked stranger shuffling outside her door, that she put a hand nervously up to brush away her untidy locks and smeared her forehead with the besan dough on her fingers. Raj was enchanted by the image of this lovely girl with besan on her forehead and hair. The crimson blush staining her cheeks as she realized what had happened, enhanced the pretty picture. Stammering with embarrassment Nargis asked him shyly who he was. Raj introduced himself as Prithviraj Kapoor’s son. Nargis recalled seeing him in the play, Deewar, at Prithvi Theatre and invited him in. But when Raj enquired about bibiji and learnt that Nargis was at home alone he refused to enter the apartment and hurried away.

He went straight to the home of his scriptwriter, Inder Raj Anand. “I must have that girl in my film. Write her into the screenplay of Aag,” he commanded. And Nargis walked into Aag in the ninth reel.
after reading this
now notice in the opening titles that nargis name comes first
Thanks again for the good info kkm.

Did you know that Raj make two shoots in this movie?
It look like Raj kapoor do shout of the first song on this movie. You can see that before the song Raj Woes with out his Masestach and then on the song he have at.
I think the mustache scene was shot after the completion of the film its more like a portrait for example when we sometimes pose infront of a still camera for a nice photo.
in the above article from net it says that nargis kicks in the movie on 9th reel the total number of reels is 13 so nargis appearance is only 30% in this movie
and what an apperance
While watching Aag I got to see some similarities with Mera Naam Joker, as a matter of fact two of his most personal films.
The first that came to mind is about the "phases" into witch both movies are devided, ok Aag doesn't have the three chapter division but it is build in three times of the life of the main character, the first being his days as a child, then his youth and highschool days, the last one is his adult days with him finding his way in life and his work as a theater director.

A second thing is about visual situations that are found in the two films... the first image is the one while Keval is alone on stage and expressing his feeling in a form of monologue in front of void seets, so similar to the scene where Raju the joker is singing one of the songs into the circus tent and yet again in front of a void place...

A third one is about a clown that in Aag Keval, as a child sees while a circus is coming to his hometown, the clown is just announcing the coming of the shows with the circus...same image is in MNJ only this time the clown presenting the show at the gathering crowd is Raju himself.

Even though I did not analize in full the meaning if any, certainly to me it seems too specific to be only random coincidences.
Rita I like you Article about the movie and You right The Movie has have three time.

Kkm now that I start play with my video camera I start to know what run in Raj Kapoor Mind when He think to make the second shoot. When you shoot same part You know that you don't always get what you won't. I woes won't to Shoot the Airplain that Woes drive over my sister Work place but then He Over on our Car so close and I missed him and turn the Camera fast to the Second side.

When you work with Camera You have to Be in the Right place in the right time and If you not get what you won't You mast try again and again.

This what I LEARN TODAY.


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