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Many today, remember the late Raj Kapoor. Some enjoy listening to his songs, most of which were sung by the late Mukesh and some just enjoyed his films and many enjoyed watching his films as to them, he was considered portraying reality and for many facts of life. To many, he was the ultimate showman in Bollywood.

But what is it that makes millions outside India remember the showman? In countries like Russia and China, where there are not many Indians, still listen to songs from raj Kapoor's movies such as "Awara" and "Shree 420." In deed Raj Kapoor did go to Russia a long time ago and also had a Russian Circus in his epic movie, "Mera Naam Joker" and also gad a Russian actress in it. But what about China? Nothing suggests that the late showman went to China and yet many elderly Chinese have said that they grew up listening to his songs. It is understandable if someone from another country such as USA, Britain, where the Indian population is high outside India, says this.

In deed Raj Kapoor made films that in many ways were applicable to the public where reality was concerned. He showed reality in many ways and also went on to explain facts of life in more than one ways. So what was it about this showman that has made many remember his films and songs?
Well here is What Israel know about Raj Kapoor.

In Israel we have alot Indian people that come from India. Same of them Stile Remember who his it Raj Kapoor and stile watch his movies and Listen to his songs.
And there also the Indian People that Say that Raj Kapoor movies and songs It so old Fashin And they go watch the New Bollywood Movies. In same way they say that Raj Kapoor do the same movie just that it woes on Black and White and the Song woes too old. (true words)

One day after I move to my new house with my family. me and my family meet our neighbor nice person with the name Mahir. Mahir he is not An Indian person. One my dad invit him to our party for the new house Mahir that bring same present and fell sad for at. Next day he come to us with a peresent he say that he don't bring Preset Yesterday and He woes fell Sorry about that. He sit with my father and talk they talk about many stuff. then next week dad ask me If I have the movie Sangam I say yes I did then he ask me if I Have Hebrew Subtitle with that I say not it only incloud with English subtitle.
One day My dad back home I Remember I Woes in my room. then I hear the opining of Raj Kapoor You know with the Barsaat posion what Raj add to all his movie in the begin. I Run down and see that My Dad buy Sangm. I say what? and it woes Incloud Hebrew Subtitle And Guess how check the movie if it ok... Me.
So I Make fast Checking for the movie and say to my dad That this ok my dad cell my brother tell him to bring the movie for Mahir.
Yes there many people in Israel that love so much the movie Sangam same of them Remember all the songs Today same of them will know only that Raj Kapoor make the movie Sangam and play there. But if you go to the old people and say Raj Kapoo they start singing to You "Ichak Dana" and "Awaara Hoon".
Legendary actor-filmmaker Raj Kapoor was not only popular in Russia, but also had his share of fans in China, according to Tourism and Culture Minister Ambika Soni.

Speaking at the Traveller Diamond and Platinum Awards function, Soni said she was surprised that Indian films were watched in China, which she recently visited for a cultural event.

"A senior citizen asked me if any Indian film stars or songs would be seen in the festival. When I said no, he said he had grown up listening to the songs of Raj Kapoor's movie Awara," Soni recounted. "I was surprised to see the extent of the penetration of the Indian film industry," she added.

The Diamond Award at the event organised by Today's Traveller magazine was presented to well known producer-director Yash Chopra for his contribution to the Bollywood film industry. On the occasion, Soni released The Bollywood Connection, a book which showcases travel and tourism in the country by exploring different spheres of leisure and business.

"The Indian film industry has not only emerged as one of the biggest in the world but is also making quality films," Soni said.

Soni said actor Aamir Khan had been chosen to be the brand ambassador for the Atithi Devo Bhava campaign of the tourism ministry. Under the scheme, efforts are being made to increase social awareness about the needs of tourists, especially women travellers.
Yes! but what is it that makes one remember the late Raj Kapoor? Is it what he portrayed in his films, was it the man himself? What was it about his films that they made so appealing even today?
Human Values
I entire;y agree with this. I had an Israeli friend at College who cam from Tel Aviv and one day as I playing some songs from "Sangam".He came and sat down and listened to them with me. Then he cried and when I asked him why, he said that he was "homesick" as he heard these songs at home so many times. The thing was that he could understand hindi and speak some words as well What he told me afterwards is that he could understand the message that was being passed on to the audience.
yes you right many people in Israel know the songs of Sangam. One time The israel Cinema make movies that talk about two mans that open a cinema house there they woes shows 24 The movie sangam. the true his that the story of the movie happend to them too. Just that the other man Wily Die in the army.
They also ask Premition for Rk Company to show Same parts of the movie. This woes amazing I can see Rk Icon in the end of the movie under the Thanks Line.

Human Values"

I wouldn't disagree with you at all.

If you watch his 1973 hit "Bobby, " which starred Rishi Kapoor and Dimple and in particular towards the end, when the two are about to jump from very high into a river gorge and his father, who had objected to the son marrying someone who he didn't approve of and also she was not a Hindu, begs the young couple to move away from the edge, the son just laughs off this and says that even if they were to move away, then the father wouldn't allow them to get married and that they would rather die together. The father keeps on trying until the son and the girlfriend ju,p off. The dialogues said it all - how the parents today have to accept no matter in which community or caste the son or daughter marries in, it has to be accepted. This film was considered to be way ahead of its time; but if you look into it a bit deeper now, you will notice that this sort of thing is happening now - intercaste marriages.

After "Mera Naam Joker," Raj Kapoor was almost without any money but he more than recovered it from "Bobby," in which his friend actor Pran and brother in law, Premnath are said to have worked for free.

I every Raj Kapoor movie, there was some sort of a message, I beilieve for the audience, which I think that is missing in a lot of the movies today.
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