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Anand (1970)

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A melodramatic tale of a man with a terminal disease. The story begins with Dr Bhaksar winning a literary prize for his book about a patient called Anand. The rest is flashback. Anand, the title character, is suffering from lymph sarcoma of the intestine. He however appears to be cheerful on the outside and is determined to extract as much pleasure from his remaining lifespan as is possible. Dr. Bhaskar his physician tends to Anand in his last days. After Anand dies we can however still hear his voice which was recorded on a tape. Dr Bhakser writes a book on his patient and wins a literary prize for it

In Anand even Raj Kapoor don’t play in this movie you stile keep fell that Raj Kapoor there. The songs, the soundtrack, the words, the acting.
Even in the end of the movie when Anand dies I fell like I woes show Raj Kapoor in
The list of his life. What those make me cry with out stop at.

When I see Raj Kapoor I fell like he is stile live and yes he is. In my heard in my mind even I see him come to me many times in my dream.
But when I see this movie it remind me what a person we lost and person that we never forget. I am happy to be the one of long list people that stile Remember Raj Kapoor and remind him.

In the End I wily like the movie. Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan doing good acting play this movie. If you focus on Rajesh Khanna You can fell that he act the same like Raj Kapoor doing in live.

I will end this article with the song:
Zindagi ...kaisi hai paheli, haaye
Kabhi to hansaaye kabhi ye rulaaye
Life is a quiz, some time it makes you laugh and sometime make you cry


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