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Awaara In Turkish

Kkm Find same Weird Video clip in Youtube... A Re making of Awaara In Turkish.
Our Turkish member Hale say that
This is a part remake of Awaara (in Turkish Avare-1964)with the
Turkish famous and also very successful actor Sadri ALISIK(in the role of Raj Kapoor)
and a Turkish singer Ajda PEKKAN(in the role of Nargis)
and Turkish actor Kenan PARS (in the role of Judge Raghunath-Prithviraj Kapoor) on the last scene of Turkish Awaara...

Young woman lawyer defends her client( her love at the same time)and the judge at the end accept the situation and tells to the law court that young man is his son...

The Re making

The Original Movie with the same Scene


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