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Dulha Dulhan, Preview

My Preview Of Dulha Dulhan

This Movie Is so Sweet. The Story is About a Radio Singer (Raj Kapoor) and a mystery Woman, that don't know noting about here self (Sadhana Shivdasani).
The Radio Singer get massage from is friend, that he send same woman at name Rekha to Bombay and at the Train Station, he meet Rekha. What he don't know is that she wasn't woes Rekha, this woes the mystery woman.
The radio singer get in love with here, bat when he woes know that she not wily Rekha, he and is friend try to lose her alone in Bombay. Bat, the radio singer Raj woes can do at, his woes already in love with her and her with am. So they Get Marry.
3 days later on holy holiday, the mystery woman woes missing and Raj won't to find her. When he shows her photo, people tell am that she a rich woman of rich family, he doesn't believe them and go to see is self.
He see the other woman of is wife and when he tell her about them, she say that he liar and ask am to live.

Raj woes go away to place, that no one find am.
When the mystery woman get marry again, with the man that her dad give her. Bat at the half of the marry she find that she pregnant and go to find Raj, bat he woes not there.
At the next year on holy day, they meet again, with they baby.

What I think about the movie?

Sweet movie, with great songs and great story.
Raj Kapoor and Sadhana Shivdasani, doing great work on the movie.
I like the part, that Raj give Rekha to eat from Bansi food. And Bansi don't know, where goes is food and Raj tell am that he woes eat when he woes ready the paper.

The thing that I don't like in the movie, is the end the end can be moor great and this kind weird that it finish like this.
This why I give this movie little low Rate.

My Rate : 8/10 bat stile above.gif


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