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Barsaat Preview

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Preview of Barsaat

After Aag (Fire) Raj Kapoor Film the movie Barsaat (Rain).
Barsaat is a story about Love. What wily means love, what the true about love and how it can change people.
The story is about two good friends. Ones is Pran (Raj Kapoor) a song writer the second is Gopal (Prem Nath). Two good friends but so different from each other.
Pran Believe in true love and waiting to the one that will steal his heart. Gopal don’t believe at true love he even don’t know what love means. Gopal is a flirting person. He change woman like a sucks. But he doesn’t know that one of the woman that he spends night with her wily love him and won't to marry him.
Pran and Gopal move to the house on the sea, there pran meet his true love. Rasma (Nargis Dutt) the one that stale his heart and don’t late him sleep in night’s.
Pran fell in love with resma, even she fell in love with him. Gopal woes keep join the bars and meet moor others girls. When his true love waiting for him.
The love story of Pran and Resma get in test of Trust and commitment. After Resma father back home. Resma Father not late her meet pran because he think that pran is using resma love. Resma don’t give up about her love to pran and go meet him again and her father kills her by late her throw in the river.
After what happened to Resma her father asks from pran and gopal to leave the house that they pay for the rent. Pran and gopal leave the house but Pran never forget resma. He woes stile love her even he think she died.
Gopal can’t believe that love can keep Happens even after one of the person die.
Resma is stile a life she away from pran but she a life and she live with same village person that find her next to the river he take care of her and got her back to life. Her first words woes babuji (Sour) the name that he cell pran.
Gopal try to take Pran many place’s to show him that he right, love don’t stay forever.
In the same time the villager person won't to get marry to Resma with out ask her. Resma try to find any way to back to her lover pran, but with out success. Gopal not giving up about pran and take him to many woman. But with out Success.
Pran and Gopal drive next to a wedding party what that they don’t know that it is Resma wedding. When resma and Pran talk about mariachi resma tell pran that in they wedding they not going to play on Sitar(this how she cell is violin) they going to play on shaniya the weeding music tools. When they move next to the wedding party Pran start to remember Resma and ask Gopal to drive away from there.
Gopal not give up and keep take him to others woman. Pran get to understand that same of the woman to this for money for her kids with a father or same other personal problem. Pran decide to drive back to home. In the way to home, pran and gopal move again next to the wedding party. Gopal keep fight with pran and not given up on him. Pran her the Shaniya again and Ask Gopal to make them stop, but gopal woes so angry with Pran and don’t stop scream on him until the woes have a Car Accident and Pran woes hurt in the head. The people from the wedding go to see what happened and take pran in to Resma room until the doctor come to check him. Resma find that it woes her lover pran and hug him. The villager person get angry when he see resma with Pran and he take pran and try to cell him the peoples from the wedding party cell the police and Pran take to the hospital.
The doctor’s woes believe that Pran die but Resma woes believe that he stile a life.
Gopal Blame Resma that what happened to pran it only because her. He tells her if Pran is lives I start believe in love. Pran woes a life and Gopal have change He star believe in love and go to meet his lover. But after she sees him come with Resma hand is hand she kill her self. When gopal come to her it woes so lattes She already woes dead.

My Preview about the movie.

Barsaat is one of Raj Kapoor movie that I wily like.
Barsaat is a Romantic and touching movies about love with a romantic Shooting Place.
Raj Kapoor and Nargis look so young in this movie and so lovely we can fell the beginning of there love story.
This movie includes many Amazing Background music with amazing Soundtrack songs. Amazing Star cast and must best Jodi Raj Kapoor and Nargis Dutt in the beginning way with there company Rk.
Best action of Raj Kapoor and Nargis even Prem Nath woes give an amazing preferment’s.

In this movie also Raj woes use the Dark Effect what make the movie moor Romantic.

There one part in the movie that looks interesting to me is the part when Resma (Nargis) Clean the Dishes and Pran play the violin. Nargis move her hair from her eyes in the way that She woes move her hair with the hands when Raj Kapoor First meets her.

The best part in the movie is the part when Nargis fold in Raj kapoor hands in the way like the Violin. I know it also woes the best part for Raj Kapoor After all He make this screen to be is Company Icon.

Moor best thing in the movie is the English song that Raj Kapoor Play on the Violin.

Today it rains her with lighting. I looking in the windows and see the rain and the light’s. I remember the movie and start to understand how the film woes connect to the Rain. When Rain is coming, People Name at the Romantic time. And same time when you sad like in the movie the Rain can be also you love tears.

My Rate for this movie 10/10 Mine blowing

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