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Dear visitor,
about a month ago we decided to start a project, or a journey if you like, that has come from our dreams and our passion.
Among the many forums out there, we thought there was something important missing, a specific, unique place devoted to the only true Showman of Indian Cinema: Raj Kapoor.
Talking about him is no easy task, but it is common knowledge how deep his influence in Hindi cinema is.
Be it visuals, storytelling or music, many directors that have come afterwards have taken inspiration from Raj Kapoor’s work; Satyajit Ray describes Raj Kapoor in the following way:
“As for his contribution to Indian Cinema, I think he was an extremely good craftsman and a master showman”

The aim of this forum is to aknowledge and celebrate the great creativity of Raj Kapoor, his romantic gaze, his humanist and compassionate closeness to the common people, the sensitive and vulnerable heart of the clown that he was.

This forum wants to give a chance to all Raj Kapoor’s fans to experience him once again through unique and exclusive features about his films, included the less known and hard to find.
His songs, those that are most famous and the ones you’ve never had the chance to hear, instrumental music, exclusive pictures and reliable information about him, his co workers, heroines, his biographer and more.
If you feel like sharing this same dream and passion, you are welcome to join the forum and interact with other fans.
Regards from the Raj Kapoor Forum team :
RajKapoorFan - Administrator
RKfan - Admin Producer


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