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Sunehre din – Golden Day

Two good friends Renu and Asha love each other like sister. Renu come from poor family and Asha from rich family but it never make them broke this Friendship.

The both a big fan of a singer name Premendra but the never see him and won't to meet him. Until one day when Renu walk home from asha house in the rain she stake in same on car. The man take Renu home when she hurt her leg.
The man woes her fav singer premendra, he see that she have all his songs album. He decided to not tell her that his the single and start say that he hate this singer and he is a bad singer. Renu get angry and ask him to leave.
On the next day Renu decide to go meet Premendra. When she come to the record company Prem come out and say that he be help her to meet premendra. He cell his old friend bedil hat play the drums in the company to be Premendra.
Premendra tell Bedil that Renu like his songs so much and Renu only think about is how to run from there. Renu friend Asha come with there friend Lata and Prem run away and leave them with bedil.
On the next day Prem come to Renu house with his new song record and a poster of Bedil with sign but Renu woes so sad and believe that Bedil hi the real singer. She stop like prem songs and when Prem ask why she say that she think that Prem is a young singer with white skin.
On the next day Renu go to Asha party. Lata woes find Renu purse and she prem photo in there. Renu get angry about Lata and go home.
Prem come to Renu home but Renu woes angry about him and she tell him about the photo. Prem say that He put the photo in her purse and cell Lata a bad friend. After the stupid fight they forgive to oceh other. Renu and Prem get to be in love.
Then one day Asha Decided to visit the Record company again. Prem try his game with Bedil again but it nor works and Asha get to know the True.
Asha tell Renu that she see the real Prem and that He will come to her Party. At the party Renu she Prem and woes so sad & Angry that he don’t tell her the true.
Prem tell Renu that he only Love her But Asha also start get in love with prem.
Prem and Renu try to tell Asha about they Relisonship but it woes too late.
Prem father come to visit his son and make him Marrich to same rich girl from rich family. Prem get to know that he going o marry Asha and Renu sell al this happened in front her. Did Prem Marry to his True love or fake Love?

My Think About the movie:
The movie have 13 songs I only like 4 Of them. Raj Kapoor only start his Career but yet acted very well. Rehana Doing good work also. The Movie have sweet and sunny Love story. Also the second song of the movie that sing by Mukesh It amazing song that also like mukesh life. It so fun to see Raj Kapoor at his First years Handsome cute and funny.

My Rate: 7/10


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