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Bollywood not giving up

In the Last years, Bollywood makes copys of same bigest high Bollywood old movie like Devdes, Sholay, Boot Polish (In Punjabi)
And Shree 420 (also woes copy ones again in the bollywood movies making and also in Punjabi)

One day I Get a massage in my email by the man that make the copy of Shree 420 in Punjabi. I see his profile in Myspace and see there same video of behind the making of the movie Boot Polish in Punjabi, that woes also Direct by him. He woes won't to invit me to the shooting bat I don't live in india and second I don't like this Re copy.

Why people do this why? What Dilip Kumar don't doing great job on Devdes in 1955, I don't say that SRK Doing bad work bat why they do Re copy to this movie.
Devdes also Re Copy 6 times in the Bollywood cinema it not enough?
They also Re Copy Sholay and Name the movie "Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag" also the movie woes get low Rating. also, why Amitabh Bachchan accept this job?

So.. what now. Sangam?
I write that many Director try to copy Sangam bat thanks god no one can get to the best Work that Raj Kapoor do bat I hear that SRK Work on new movie that have kind same story of Sangam. the director don't have a name for the movie so He decide to name at Sangam?

Why they ruin the best old movies?
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