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Discuss about Neel Kamal Movie (From the Forum)

RajKapoorFan : Like I Read in Raj Kapoor Biography is that Raj woes Kidar Nath Sharma assistant but this time I Try to late Raj to play the Hero.
Did you see to the girl that play Ganga in her young age I think she the same girl that play on Boot Pulish.
I don't find her on the cast list but it stile can be her
Kkm: i have read this in different sites and raj kapoors different biography's that when he refused to carry on his studies his father who at that time was working with kidar sharma asked kidar to give him some work so raj got some work in the studios washing the floor errecting sets etc etc
while he was working there he became a clapper boy

kidar was shooting a scene of a movie where the king is dying but he could not get it right for 2 days because he wanted to shoot the sunset with king dying now the 3rd day everything was perfect the shot was ready the clapper boy was missing because he was combing his hair he rushed to the set and clapped but unfortunately the beard got stuck in his claps and came off everybody on the set started laughing which made kidar crazy and he slapped raj with great anger
kidar remembers he could not sleep that night

next day when he came to studios to his amazment raj was on duty
he called him in his office and saw marks of his slap still on this face
in regret he just offered him a role of hero in his next movie neel kamal

after reading all this if you watch the movie you will know what you are looking at
RajKapoorFan: What I Know that this movie woes shoot after Raj Saab leave the last studies. He move to work with Kidar Nath Sharma
"That is how I began my career, as the sixth or seventh assistant, trolley-puller, clapper-boy, somewhere in the laboratory picking up odd shots and in the editing department looking at the use of the gamma plus (the solution uses for editing) - that gave me a lot of basic training about the fundamentals of cinema. In 1944, Mr Kidar Sharma gave me my first lead as an actor in his film Neel Kamal. I had been his junior-most assistant for three years. One of my tasks was to give the clap before every shot. " (Raj Kapoor)

The movie show the begin of Raj Kapoor Career of Actor what he cell at an accident But Raj Never stop thing about his dream. He same the money from his Acting from his Company.
There same thing that Only His Big Fans can fell on this movie and this is the way of his act Raj doing great work in here the true that this film woes shoot after "Dil Ki Rani". It look like Raj woes waiting to this Drama movie. He woes so connect to the Drama.
I don't know way but I Stile think that there same thing missing in this movie. The Story also good but same thing stile missing.

Kkm: i think the missing thing is that the script is not very good

it feels that if different scenes are collected put in a box give it a good shuffle and thats it

i also felt that film maker was in a hurry in making the movie
RajKapoorFan: Yeah it sure what wily make you fell that the movie maker try to hurry by making this film.
It can be also the problem with the Person that Write the script Maybe He write Shurt Script and He think that the songs take same time of the movie.


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