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Satyam Shivam Sunderam, Worth while understanding this movie

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"Satyam Shivam Sunderam," released in the late 1970's was perhaps one of the most controversial movies at the time as it involved scenes that were not allowed in the Hindi film industry, now known as "Bollywood." This were the kissing scenes where Shashi Kapoor, the younger brother of Raj Kapoor, kissing Zeenat Aman on the lips. But what this movie really showed that amongst many things is that sometimes what we see is not rally what it is. For this reason the late Raj Kapoor used the topic of a disfigured woman who falls in love with a man who hates ugliness and disfurement. At the time of making this movie, actress Zeenat Aman was (and I think that she atill is) beautiful but yet on side of her in the story she is disfigured, which Shashi Kapoor does not see until the night of their wedding and he thinks that this is not the same woman that he loves and throws her out but is then forced to take her back. But to be close to him, she re - hides her disfigurement and meets him secretly.

This movie has another message and that is that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and also god is ultimate.

Originally, Rajesh Khanna was to play the part that was played by Shashi Kapoor as he was considered to be the only actor who was and is capable of showing expressions in an appropriate manner as required by the director in front of a camera. But for some unknown reasons, the role was then offered to Shashi Kapoor. However the role that Zeenat Aman played as "Roopa," the disfigured woman, was offered only to her and no one else. The reason being is that she had a good figure and also as mentioned before - beautiful and lastly Rajji thought that she could handle this role very well. Lastly, this the film in which actress Padmini Kohlapure was introduced even though she was only a child - she played the role of "Roops" as a child. She later, off course went on to become a big time actress as have almost all Raj Kapoor protoge actresses. She also was the main actress in R.K.'s "Prem Rog."

This is one movie that has songs that are more like "bhajans" and does contain some beautiful photography, which is really worth while to watch. I would say that this was one of Raj Kapoor's most memorable films that he produced and directed. And off course, like all his films, it had a story to tell with a lot of meaning.

Interesting post on this underrated film...
I havent seen it in a few years, deserves a re-watch :)

nice write up
i would like to add that this film raj saab planned with lata in mind and lata agreed initially but backed off later
this film did not do well at box office and i read somewhere on the net that raj saab blamed zeenat
but still its a beautifull movie and the rythum of song stayam shivam sundaram is out of this world

I don't think that Zeenat can be the Problem in this movie I believe that the People that go to see that Just don't like to see that the hasband think that he marry to other woman and go to the woman that he think that she is his lover but she the same woman that marry him. I think that it woes the people that don't understand the movie. But I Do like the movie. My Siser hate this movie only beacuse what that Raj Kapoor do to Zeenat face.

I think the film wasn't receieved well in its time because of the partial nudity, it must have been shocking for people, I think it was tastefully done though.

You Right Sabzi It also can be a problem.

chk this out
Zeenat tried her best to find recognition as a good actress but unfortunately never succeeded. She made one last attempt when she tried her best to impress Raj Kapoor. She played the true Indian woman who was more soul than body, according to Raj Kapoor in his film 'Satyam Shivam Sundaram' but like Raj Kapoor himself confessed, 'people will come' to see Zeenat's body but will go back seeing the soul of my film. It is through her beautiful body that I am discovering the soul of the beauty of a woman.' Both Zeenat and 'Satyam Shivam Sundaram' flopped at the box office which was a major setback for Raj and left Zeenat a heart broken actress.

It is wily Sad I sorry for Both of them.


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