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Vyjayantimala had a relationship with my dad

‘Of course, Vyjayantimala had a relationship with my dad…’

Rishi Kapoor is livid that the yesteryear actress called her link-up with Raj Kapoor a publicity gimmick in her autobiography
In her autobiography titled Bonding... A Memoir, yesteryear actress Vyjayantimala Bali has denied her much-publicised relationship with the late filmmaker Raj Kapoor.
She has not only denied a relationship with him, but has also implied that it was a publicity gimmick fuelled by the PR machinery of the R K Films banner.
After Sunday Mid Day carried excerpts from her book (see box), the legendary filmmaker’s son Rishi Kapoor is furious with her comments.
An irritated Rishi says, “I respect her as a lady and a senior actress, but she is talking rubbish.
Ideally, I would not have commented on this but my father is no more and I am only speaking to defend his reputation.
I will not lie and say that my father didn’t have a relationship with her.
Of course, my dad had a relationship with Vyjayantimala. How can she deny it?”
He adds that the family has suffered greatly on her account. “I remember I was 11 years old when the relationship started, and my mother and the rest of us left our house and lived in Natraj Hotel for four-and-a-half months.
She caused torment to my family, so the least she can do now is own up. Instead, she’s lying and trying to malign my father’s name by saying it was a publicity stunt driven by him.”
Unable to come to terms with the actress’s turnaround, Rishi laughs, “Can you believe it? It’s absurd. My father never needed that kind of publicity.
The whole world knows that Vyjayanti was involved with him. Why is she denying it? This is the case of ‘nau sau chuhe kha ke billi haj ko chali’.”
The actor, who spoke to his siblings after reading excerpts in Sunday Mid Day, asks angrily, “Why just my father, she finally got married to Dr Bali, who was a married man.
His son Ratan Bali (from his first wife) is now with Air India and is possibly a year or two younger than me. I’m sure he suffered too when his father walked out on the family to marry the actress.”
Kapoor is in no mood to forgive such a distortion of facts. “It’s very nice to write your memoirs, but you should have the guts to be honest. You cannot deny facts.
Why did Vyjayantimala write an autobiography if it was going to be fiction? I would never have reacted to her book if she hadn’t stirred up a hornet’s nest by distorting facts,” he concludes.


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