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Many Movies that the title includes the word "Anari" Mean Stupid Bat not In Raj Kapoor Anari movie. Yes Anari Mean stupid bat Raj kapoor won't to show to every one that Anari or in English Translate Stupid Is a person that have felling too and He also a kind Person.

In Anari Raj Kapoor Movie. The Anari character Name "Raj Kumar". Not a Great name for a stupid for sure bat in the movie Raj Kumar is a orphan that live in Smell room that he renter from the hostess Ms L.D Sa. Raj woes not pay for the rent and Ms L.D SA wait for the money Bat Raj Can pay that.
Raj is an amazing artist.
Raj Drew the life. He always drew the thing that he woes won't to have like a woman that hold her baby on her hands and feed him.

Raj woes looking for job bat every time when he goes to job, they fired him on the first day at work. Raj decides to stop looking for job. So L.D SA decides to buy Raj Arts and tell him that same one that she knows won't to buy Raj Arts.
Raj goes out side to find same thing new to drew. Then he meets Aarti Sohanlal the Girl that Raj meet day before at The Street. What Raj woes don’t know that she an Rich Girl. Aarti tell to Raj that she working for a rich woman. When he ask her what her name she answer that her name is Asha. Bat asha is her employee.
After Aarti know that Raj Drewing She decide that he will come to drewing her Ms (Asha) for money.
Raj and Aarti woes in love bat they both from different employee. Aarti woes not giving up and go to Date with Raj in hide places.

Raj that woes unemployed get work in factory for medication. What Raj doesn't know that his boss is Aarti Father?
After the first day of work Raj run home to L.D SA and show her the money, she woes so happy for Raj. Raj decides to go to eat out with L.D SA for His job.

One Day His Boss Invit him to is daughter Birthday, Raj woes need to bring the cake. When He gets in to the party Asha run to him and ask him to go. He doesn't understand and then his boss comes and Asha woes already go away.
Raj woes see Aarti Come with a shining dress. Raj knows now that Aarti woes lie to him and he lives the house.

L.D SA Woes wait to Raj in home. The day woes running day and It woes so cold L.D Sa woes go out side to Find Raj. Raj woes sit alone in hide place from the Rain bat the true he woes hide from the lies that he Know. L.D SA find am and won't to take him back him. After time L.D SA get Raj back home.
After what Raj woes past he decide to live L.D SA house and go away.
Bat what Raj don’t know that L.D SA love him like her Child. She shows him all the paint that he makes and that she save in her drawer. In This day L.D SA get to be Raj mom and Raj get to be L.D SA son.

After the raining day L.D SA start to fell not good. Raj Invite a doctor that Check here The Doctor give am to name of the medication. When Raj goes to buy the Medication He don’t find the Medication that he need to buy, the pharmacist give am the Medication of the factory where Raj woes work before.
When Raj Back home he find Aarti next to L.D SA Bed. Raj woes don’t talk to her and run to give L.D SA the Medication, when L.D SA get the Medication She start to fell bad she start to fell hurts in her Heart. Raj woes don’t understand what happened to her.
One day when Raj woes need to give to L.D Sa the Medication L.D Sa don’t won't to take the Medication bat she take at again and She start to fell pain in the heart again And then She relax L.D Sa tell to Raj that Bring Aarti for her, Raj don’t woes won't to spake with Aarti bat L.D Sa Ask him for.
Raj Go to Aarti house bat Aarti woes can come to meet L.D SA. Raj lives the house and goes to L.D SA.
Before he back L.D SA go to her layer and tell him that she give all her money and house to Raj.
When Raj get in home L.D SA woes already in the bed. I go in and tell her that Aarti can come and he doesn't understand the peoples. Then when He looks on her he see that she don’t moving and her eyes close. His woes know on this Day that he lost her mom again.

After L.D SA die people's woes say that Raja woes kill L.D SA because he woes can pay the rant. Bat this woes not true 3 days before Raj buy the Medication woes one battle that go out from the Factory that woes in at two hurt medication bat the boss Factory don’t woes won't to confessional that the Medication woes the thing that woes kill ms L.D Sa. Aarti that woes date with Raj woes need to indicate woes know the true that Raj don’t kill Ms L.D SA and it woes her dad Factory Medication that kill her.
Her dad Friend tell him that he should make Aarti to say that Raj kill Ms L.D SA.
On the day that Aarti woes need to indicate the layer ask her if Raj kill Ms L.D SA.
Aarti woes looking and Raj then she looking on her dad and she say that he don’t kill her and that it woes is dad Factory Medication The Factory woes close and Raj win.

Raj woes ready to live Ms L.D SA house. Bat then the door close and many stuff of L.D SA stuff woes moving. Then Aarti go in the room and See Raj ready to live the house. She tell him that Ms L.D SA tell her that If same thing happened to her Aarti Take Care of Raj. Aarti take Raj Bag and Go up to His room.

My Opinion
Anari Is moors one Best movie of Raj Kapoor Director and Actors.
Anari Have sweet Story about Lonely Man that Live in Ms L.D SA house. The Cast Doing good job by Tell the story to as, They make as Cry they make as sing they make as to laugh and most of all like in all Raj kapoor Movies they make as fell what they fell.
The Movies have many amazing Songs Like Wo Chand Khila, Kisi ki muskrahataho pe, Dil Ki Nazar Se, Kuch Shikha Hai Hamne, and Tere Jane. With Late and Mukesh Voice.
What Raj Kapoor try to Learn as From the movie that same time you need to believe that Stupid Man also can say same thing true and this that maybe he kind loony it not say that He Don’t know noting about the life

The Movie Win at: 5 wins
Best Actor: Raj Kapoor
Best Lyricist: Shailendra
Best Music Director: Ravi Shankar
Bask Playback singer male: Mukesh
Best Supporting Actress: Lalita Pawar

My Rate: 9.0/10
Imdb Rate: 7.6/10


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