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How to Uploud Avater and Signature to My Proflie

Avatar and Signature

How I add Avatar to my user?
First, you need to have an user at one of this too website albums.

After you open an new user on one of this too website albums, Upload your Avatar and Signature that you won't to add to your user at the forum.
Remember that the Avatar most be not too big then 100x100 pixels and not
Longer then 25 kb And Signature most be not big then 520x180 and not longer then 183 kb.

After you upload, Go to Your Control Panel click on Edit Avatar Settings and post the url of the avatar at the place it say Enter a URL to an online avatar image and then click on Update Avatar.
If you won't to remove the set avatar click on Remove Avatar.

How I add Signature to my user?
At you Control Panel Click on Edit Signature, then go to the photo albums website.
Under your signature smell review look from Img Code and Copy the code, Then back to the forum and Post at on the Text box.
You can add Text after the Signature Too.

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