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Nargis ... Neena
Dilip Kumar ... Dilip
V.H. Desai
Cuckoo ... Sheila
Raj Kapoor ... Rajan
Murad ... Badriprasad (Neena's Father)
Anwaribai (as Anwari Bai)
Amir Banu (as Amir Banoo)
Andaz my Priview

After I finely set my self try to understand the movie Andaz I start to cry. I don't have english subtitle do my edition this way I Woes to see the movie again and again. Lates start with my Priview.

The Story:
Neena is a daughter of Badriprasad. One day Neena meet Dilip the Guy that save her from the Bad horse. Neene like Dilip and they get to be Best friend. Neena Friend Sheila Feel in love with Dilip Bat Dilip in Love with Neena bat Naane Waiting to her boyfriend Rajan that need to back From London.
When Rajan Back from London Dilip Know the True about the love story between Neena and Rajan.
Rajan and Neena Get marry And have a baby Girl. Bat then Dilip Back at Rajan And Neena Baby girl Birthday. When Dilip woes back Rajan Get to know the True about Dilip and is felling to Neena. what He don't know that Neena Love just him. Neena try to make him understand bat Rajan woes already angry to listen. One day Dilip come to Neena and Rajan Home to say to them that he live and he believe they all forget what happend, Bat Rajan woes not Ready to forgive him that he take his wife away from him and hit him on the head.
Dilip woes ok bat He get to be Crazy he woes won't to kill Rajan and Neena.
One night he come to neena house and try to kill her bat he woes stile won't that she come with him. Neena woes tell him that she always be rajan Wife and Kill him.
In the court Rajan woes need to to indicate and he say that Neena kill Dilip for that he don't know about the true about dilip and neena love.
When Rajan Come home he get to brake one of the toys that Dilip buy for Rajan and Neena Baby Girl. in side the toys woes a letter there Dilip Write to Neena that He love her bat He know that Hindian People will love just one person and that Her person is Rajan.
Rajan Run to the court bat they already made they decision and take neena to be kill.
Rajan come to neena with they Baby girl. Neena Say to Rajan That take care about they Baby girl. and She tell him that he always be her lover and always be god for her.
I get cry again

My thing about the movie
Just for you to know Raj Kapoor woes won't to direct this movie bat this woes not a good idea beacue Dilip Kumar woes a young Director too.

The movie start at Left leg. this not looking like an India movie not just that, The Meeting parts with Dilip and Neena woes Shurt and we missit same Part I am sure.

After Neena and Dilip woes meet Check this thing, Dilip doing Shah rukh Move with the hand behind the neck. like I hear before People say that Dilip Kumar Teach Shah Rukh Khan to be an Actor. Good Job Dilip.

And our Fav Actor Raj Kapoor. Doing amazing Work on this movie. I know that if He woes the Director of this movie it woes moor good bat to see him Act with Nargis again Make me Happy.
The Part with the snake woes good one lol
I also like the way that he light the cigarette
You need to know
After Awaara Raj Kapoor woes won't to take Nargis and Dilip and him to play on movie Name sangam. Yes Guys the movie woes ready before.

Nargis. How much that I Love her what a best act. Nargis get to be the loving Woman that two mens love. I woes amiz by her She get many power to play that part.
Just I won't to be sure that On the other movie No one make her hair like this, this woes he wrong Idea guys.

Nice songs wily. I Love the song that Dilip sing to Raj and Nargis in the bagning and the song after the snake. biggrin.gif

Now I GOING To Sleep see you tomorrow
Imdb Rate: 7.3/10
I Rate: 8.0/10


Anonymous said...

That's why the story line in Andaz film is similarly like to Sangam film..even I never watched Andaz film but I have watched Sangam film.I know based on your synopsis..but I love raj film. so unique and interesting

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